Viewing core group members

A core group member is an application server, proxy server, the deployment manager, or a node agent that is a member of a high availability core group.


About this task

If you need to move servers between core groups, in preparation for the move, you can view the list of servers that belong to each core group to help determine which servers you want to move to a different core group.

To view the members of a core group:



  1. In the administrative console, click Servers > Core groups > Core group settings. A list of core groups that are in the cell is displayed.

  2. Click the name of one of the core groups and then click Core group servers.



A list of the core group members is displayed.


What to do next

In the administrative console, you can click Servers > Core groups > Core group settings > Preferred coordinator servers to determine which of the core group members are on the list of preferred coordinator servers for this core group. You should remove any servers that you intend to move to a different core group from this list before changing their core group association.


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