Installing maintenance as a root user and changing the ownership of profile related files

The root user can install maintenance packages for WAS that includes required service for existing profiles that are owned by a non- user. Installing a maintenance package that contains service for a non-root profile makes the root user owner of any new files that the maintenance package creates. The following example shows how to install the maintenance and change the ownership of the new files so that a non-root user can successfully start WebSphere Application Server.


Before you begin

This task assumes a basic familiarity with the Update Installer wizard and system commands.

This task uses the following terms:

You must have root authority to accomplish the following tasks.

Before you can update a profile, install WAS and create a profile.


About this task

This example assumes that the root user:

If the root user does not change ownership, when the non-root user starts WebSphere Application Server, the application server encounters an error and issues a message that is similar to the following example:

The system is unable to read document 
cells/express1Cell/nodes/express1/ No such file or directory



  1. Run the Update Installer wizard to install maintenance packages for WebSphere Application Server.

    When the root user installs Refresh Pack 2, the root user owns the following new JDBC-related files:

    • profile_root/logs/updateProfileJdbcTemplate.log

    • profile_root/config/templates/system/jdbc-resource-provider-only-templates.xml

    • profile_root/config/templates/system/jdbc-resource-provider-templates.xml

    • C:\profile_root\logs\updateProfileJdbcTemplate.log

    • C:\profile_root\config\templates\system\jdbc-resource-provider-only-templates.xml

    • C:\profile_root\config\templates\system\jdbc-resource-provider-templates.xml

  2. Reassign ownership of the entire profile directory to the wsdemo non-root user.

    The profile_root variable in the following examples is the profile directory that the non-root user owns.

    Issue the chown command

    chown -R wsdemo profile_root

    Follow instructions in the Windows documentation to reassign ownership of the profile_root profile directory to the wsdemo non-root user.



The root user installed maintenance that creates new files in a non-root user profile directory and changes ownership of the new files to the non-root owner.


What to do next

The non-root user can start WAS without receiving the ADMR0104E error message.

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