Delete a profile

This topic describes how to manually delete a profile.


Before you begin

If a node within a profile is federated to a deployment manager, before you delete the profile, stop the node and remove the node from the deployment manager. Otherwise, an orphan node is left in the deployment manager.

Before using the manual procedure to remove a profile, unaugment the profile and then try the wasprofile command with the -delete option. For example, issue the following commands for your operating system platform:

./ -unaugment
                -profileName profile

./ -delete 
                -profileName profile

wasprofile.bat -unaugment
               -profileName profile

wasprofile.bat -delete 
               -profileName profile

If the command does not work, use this procedure to delete the profile.


About this task

This procedure describes how to manually delete a profile when the wasprofile -delete command results in the following message

INSTCONFFAILED: Cannot delete profile.



  1. Issue operating system commands to delete the profile directory.

  2. Issue the following command to remove references in the registry to deleted profiles:

    ./ -validateAndUpdateRegistry 

    wasprofile.bat -validateAndUpdateRegistry
    Editing of the registry is not recommended.



You have now deleted a profile.


What to do next

See the description of the wasprofile command to learn more about the command-line method of working with profiles.

See Creating profiles through the graphical user interface for more information about creating profiles with the Profile Creation wizard.

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