Excluding files from a checksum comparison

Specify individual files to exclude from a comparison, specify individual components to exclude, or create a single configurable properties file to specify a list of files to exclude from the bill of materials verification.


Before you begin

Install the product before comparing checksums and using exclusion properties.


About this task

This topic describes how to use exclusion properties.

By default, IBM excludes some files from the checksum comparison. You can also exclude files. The number of files excluded is reported within the first few messages

 I CWNVU0160I: [ivu] Verifying.
 I CWNVU0170I: [ivu] The installation root directory is C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServerV602\
 I CWNVU0300I: [ivu] The total number of user excluded files found are 0.
 I CWNVU0300I: [ivu] The total number of IBM excluded files found are 78.
 I CWNVU0180I: [ivu] Searching directory properties\version\install\\
                     backup for file listing: files.list
 I CWNVU0260I: [ivu] The total number of components found is: 285
 I CWNVU0270I: [ivu] Gathering installation root data.
 I CWNVU0460I: [ivu] The utility is running.
 I CWNVU0290I: [ivu] Starting the verification for 285 components.

 I CWNVU0470I: [ivu] Starting to analyze: activity
 I CWNVU0480I: [ivu] Done analyzing: activity


Several different methods are provided to exclude files from the comparison.





When you issue one of the checksum commands from the app_server_root/bin directory, the status of the command is displayed on the terminal console or in a log file.


What to do next

Go to Comparing specific file and component checksums to learn more about the installver command.

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