TCP transport channel custom properties

If you are using a TCP transport channel, you can add the following custom property to the configuration settings for that channel.

To add a custom property:

  1. In the administrative console, click Servers > Application servers > servername, and then select one of the following options, depending on the type of chain you are creating:

    • Under Web container settings, click Web container transport chains.

    • Under Server messaging, click either Messaging engine inbound transports or WebSphere MQ link inbound transports.

  2. Select the transport chain that includes the TCP channel for which you want to specify the custom property.

  3. Select the TCP inbound channel.

  4. Click Custom properties > New, and then, under General Properties, specify the name of the custom property in the Name field and a value for this property in the Value field. You can also specify a description of this property in the Description field.

  5. Click Apply or OK.

  6. Click Save to save your configuration changes.

  7. Restart the server.

Following is a description of the TCP custom property that WAS provides. This property is not shown on the settings page for a TCP transport channel.



This property is only valid for the i5/OS and distributed platforms. Use the listenBacklog property to specify the maximum number of outstanding connect requests that the operating system will buffer while it waits for the application server to accept the connections. If a client attempts to connect when this operating system buffer is full, the connect request will be rejected. Set this value to the number of concurrent connections that you would like to allow. Keep in mind that a single client browser might need to open multiple concurrent connections (perhaps 4 or 5); however, also keep in mind that increasing this value consumes more kernel resources. The value of this property is specific to each transport.

Data type Integer
Default 511

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