cleanupNode command

The cleanupNode command cleans up a node configuration from the cell repository. Only use this command to clean up a node if you have a node defined in the cell configuration, but the node no longer exists. For more information about where to run this command, see the Using command tools article.



The command syntax is as follows

cleanupNode <node name> <deploymgr host> <deploymgr port> [options]
where the first argument is required.



The following options are available for the cleanupNode command:


Suppresses the progress information that the cleanupNode command prints in normal mode.


Generates trace information into a file for debugging purposes.


Defines the profile of the Application Server process in a multi-profile installation. The -profileName option is not required for running in a single profile environment. The default for this option is the default profile.


Usage scenario

The following examples demonstrate correct syntax:

cleanupNode myNode
cleanupNode myNode -trace