Web resources for learning

This topic familiarizes you with the many Web sites containing technical information for understanding and using your WebSphere Application Server product. A wealth of online information is available to complement the product documentation.

Choose an area of interest.

Also, throughout the documentation, you will find additional resources for learning pages, each focused on a specific technology, such as Web services. The pages provide links to particular documents of interest.


Learning and education

IBM Education Assistant

Find tutorials, multimedia demonstrations, and presentations for WebSphere servers and Rational development tools.

Training and certification

It's easy to learn about WebSphere software. IBM has several educational options available to you. From classroom courses to onsite assistance and Internet-based training, if you're ready to learn, we're ready to teach.


Developer resources

developerWorks - WAS zone

Use this page to search for information, download software including trial code and fixes, learn about the application server, and find support and migration information.

Samples Gallery (locally installed)

The Samples Gallery is a locally installable application that offers a set of Samples that demonstrate common Web application tasks.


Architect, planner, installer, and administrator


Supported hardware and software

These pages describe the minimum product levels you should have installed before opening a problem report with the WAS support team.

Patterns for e-business

Patterns for e-business are a group of reusable assets that can help speed the process of developing Web-based applications. The Patterns leverage the experience of IBM architects to create solutions quickly, whether for a small local business or a large multinational enterprise.


Partner resources


Find product, business, and technical inforamtion. The PartnerWorld program is designed to offer IBM Business Partners benefits, technical support, education, marketing campaigns, sales tools and more to help you grow your business and drive profits.


Redbooks, white papers, and documentation

Redbooks - WebSphere

Find Redbooks pertaining to WebSphere, including the newest, latest, and most popular Redbooks and Redpapers in draft and published form.

White papers

This link performs a query for white papers that are relevant to WebSphere Application Server.

Library page

A new, improved Web page for finding product documentation, including the online information center, documentation plug-ins for offline viewing with the WebSphere help system, and PDF books. This page links to a variety of other kinds of product information, such as WebSphere Redbooks.


Troubleshoot and support

WebSphere Application Server - Support

This page provides a convenient starting point for querying TechNotes, solving problems, downloading fixes, planning, learning, and communicating.

Support - Recent updates

This document lists valuable resources and newly created content.

Support - Resource reference list

This document is an introduction to available documentation and educational resources.

Support - Quick links

This document provides a reference of direct links to available documentation and educational resources.





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