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WebSphere software platform

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What is WebSphere?

IBM WebSphere® is the leading software platform for e-business on demand™. Successful industry leaders choose this adaptable, open platform to succeed in quickly and reliably delivering business results today knowing it gives them the freedom to grow their e-business in the future. Providing a full range of middleware software and support offerings, the WebSphere platform is infrastructure software that enables companies to develop, deploy, and integrate next-generation e-business applications from simple Web publishing through enterprise-scale transaction processing.

WebSphere software transforms the way businesses manage customer, partner, and employee relationships. For example, use it to create compelling Web experiences, extend applications to incorporate mobile devices, and build electronic e-marketplaces. WebSphere software is all about the three fundamental aspects of e-business on demand:

  • Foundation & Tools. Rely upon a high quality foundation to rapidly build and deploy applications for high-performance e-business on demand.

  • Business Portals. Enhance customer, partner, employee, and supplier user experiences for optimal satisfaction.

  • Business Integration. Integrate applications and automate business processes for operational efficiency and business flexibility.


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