Use the JVM



As part of configuring an application server, you might define settings that enhance your system's use of the Java virtual machine (JVM).

To view and change the JVM configuration for an application server's process, use the Java Virtual Machine page of the administrative console or use wsadmin to change the configuration through scripting.



  1. Access the Java Virtual Machine page.

    1. Click Servers > Application Servers in the console navigation tree.

    2. On the Application Server page, click on the name of the server whose JVM settings you want to configure.

    3. On the settings page for the selected application server, click Java and Process Management > Process Definition.

    4. On the Process Definition page, click Java Virtual Machine.

  2. On the Java Virtual Machine page, specify values for the JVM settings as needed and click OK.

  3. Click Save on the console task bar.

  4. Restart the application server.


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