Synchronize nodes with the wsadmin tool



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A node synchronization is necessary in order to propagate configuration changes to the affected node or nodes. By default, this situation occurs periodically, as long as the node can communicate with the deployment manager.

To propagate changes explicitly using Jacl...

### Set the variable for node synchronization. 
set Sync1 [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=NodeSync,node=myNodeName,*]

### Synchronize the node...
$AdminControl invoke $Sync1 sync

To propagate changes explicitly using Jython...

Sync1 = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=NodeSync,node=myNodeName,*')
AdminControl.invoke(Sync1, 'sync')

When the synchronization is complete, the files that are created in...

c:/WebSphere/DeploymentManager/config exist on the mynode node in...



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