Single signon

With single signon (SSO) support, Web users can authenticate once when accessing both WAS resources, such as HTML, JavaServer Pages (JSP) files, servlets, enterprise beans, and Lotus Domino resources, such as documents in a Domino database, or accessing resources in multiple WAS domains.

Web users can authenticate once to a WAS or to a Domino server. Without logging in again, Web users can access any other WAS appservers or Domino servers in the same Domain Name Service (DNS) domain that are enabled for SSO. This authentication is accomplished by configuring the WAS appservers and the Domino servers to share authentication information.

Enable SSO among WAS appservers by configuring SSO for WebSphere Application Server. To enable SSO between WAS appservers and Domino servers, configure SSO for both WebSphere Application Server and for Domino.



To take advantage of support for single signon between WAS appservers or between WAS and a Domino server, applications must meet the following prerequisites and conditions:


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