Server cluster collection

Use this page to view information about and manage clusters of application servers.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Clusters.

Click New to access the Create New Cluster page, which you use to define a new cluster.


Specifies a logical name for the cluster. The name must be unique among clusters within the containing cell.


Specifies whether cluster members are stopped, starting, or running.

If all cluster members are stopped, the cluster status and state is stopped. After you request to start a cluster by clicking Start or Ripplestart, the cluster state briefly changes to starting and each server that is a member of that cluster launches, if it is not already running. When the first member launches, the state changes to partially started. The state remains partially started until all cluster members are running, then the state changes to running and the status is started. Similarly, when stopping a cluster by clicking Stop or ImmediateStop, the state changes to partially stopped as the first member stops and changes to stopped when all members are not running.


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