Ports settings

Use this to view and change the configuration for a communication port used by run-time components running within a process. A communication port provides host and port specifications for a server.

For WAS for Network Deployment, one can view this administrative console page by clicking one of the following paths:


Configuration tab

Port Name

Name of the port. The name must be unique within the server.

Note that this field displays only when you are defining a port for an application server. You can select a radio button to:

Well-known Port

select a previously defined port from the drop down list

User-defined Port

create a port with a new name by entering the name in the text box

Data type String


Specifies the IP address, domain name server (DNS) host name with domain name suffix, or just the DNS host name, used by a client to request a resource (such as the naming service, administrative service, or JMS broker).

For example, if the host name is myhost, the fully qualified DNS name can be myhost.myco.com and the IP address can be

Host names on the ports can be resolvable names or IP addresses. The server will bind to the specific host name or IP address that is supplied. That port will only be accessible through the IP address that is resolved from the given host name or IP address. The IP address may be of the IPv4 (Internet Protocol V4) format for all platforms, and IPv6 (Internet Protocol V6) format on specific operating systems where the server supports IPv6.

Data type String
Default * (asterisk)


Specifies the port for which the service is configured to accept client requests. The port value is used in conjunction with the host name.

Port numbers in the server can be reused among multiple ports as long as they have host names that resolve to unique IP addresses and there is not a port with the same port number and a wildcard ( * ) host name. A port number is valid in the range of 0 and 65535. 0 specifies that the server should bind to any ephemeral port available.

Data type Integer
Default None

Range 1-65536




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