Ports collection

Use this page to view and manage communication ports used by run-time components running within a process. Communication ports provide host and port specifications for a server.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Application Servers > servername > Communications > Ports.

Note that this page displays only when you are working with ports for application servers.

Port Name

Name of a port. Each name must be unique within the server.


Specifies the IP address, domain name server (DNS) host name with domain name suffix, or just the DNS host name, used by a client to request a resource (such as the naming service, or administrative service).


Specifies the port for which the service is configured to accept client requests. The port value is used in conjunction with the host name.

Transport Details

Provides a link to the transport chains associated with this port. If no transport chains are associated with this port, the string "No associated transports" appears in this column.