Modify attributes on running objects with the wsadmin tool



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  1. Start wsadmin

  2. Jacl

    ### Set the xserver variable to the running object
    set xserver [$AdminControl completeObjectName node=mynode,type=Server,*] 
    ### Modify the running object
    $AdminControl setAttribute $xserver ringBufferSize 10
    ### Modify multiple attribute name and value pairs
    set xserver [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=TraceService,process=server1,*]
    $AdminControl setAttributes $xserver {{ringBufferSize 10} {traceSpecification*=all=disabled}}


    ts1 = AdminControl.completeObjectName(name)
    AdminControl.setAttribute(ts1, 'ringBufferSize', 10)
    ts1 = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=TraceService,process=server1,*')
    AdminControl.setAttributes(ts1, [['ringBufferSize', 10], ['traceSpecification',  '*=all=disabled']])

    Jython string

    ts1 =AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=TraceService,process=server1,*')
    AdminControl.setAttributes(ts1, '[[ringBufferSize 10] [traceSpecification*=all=disabled]]')


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