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Information about a node, such as operating system platform and product features, is maintained in the configuration repository in the form of properties. As product features are installed on a node, new property settings are added.

WebSphere Application Server system management uses the managed object metadata properties as follows:


Base properties

The following base property keys are defined for WebSphere Application Server: The version of WAS that is installed. The operating system platform on which the node runs. The sysplex name on a z/OS operating system. This property applies to the z/OS operating system only. A list of features that extends a profile. An example of a feature is an administrative console plug-in.

Here are examples of metadata property values. The last item is split on multiple lines for printing purposes,,,
For detailed information on metadata properties, view the ManagedObjectMetadataHelper class in the Application Server API documentation.


Accessing managed object metadata properties

An administrator can query managed object metadata through the wsadmin tool or Application Server APIs. They can additionally be viewed on the Node Installation properties administrative console panel. This article provides details on the Application Server API method.

An accessor class is used to obtain the managed object metadata properties. An accessor instance is created through its factory. A helper class, which uses the accessor instance, makes it easy to query the base metadata properties. These classes are all part of the package in the Application Server API documentation. The specific names of these classes are:


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