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Develop and assemble internationalized applications

  Internationalize applications
  Internationalize interface strings (localizable-text API)
  Internationalize application components (internationalization service)
  Migrate internationalized applications
  Use the internationalization context API
  Assemble internationalized applications


Develop asynchronous beans objects

  Deploy and administer applications (same as any application type)
  Deploy applications (IBM Education Assistant)
  Administer applications (IBM Education Assistant)
  Administer the internationalization service
  Enable the internationalization service for servlets and enterprise beans
  Enable the internationalization service for EJB clients


Troubleshoot internationalized applications

  internationalization service errors


Conceptual overviews

Documentation Internationalization
Presentations IBM Education Assistant offers:


See Chapter 16 of the IBM Redbook WebSphere Application Server Enterprise V5 and Programming Model Extensions



Tutorials are not available at this time.



The Samples Gallery offers:

  • Internationalization service currency exchange sample

    The Currency exchange application exchanges U.S. dollars to foreign currencies, or vice versa, and illustrates the use of the Internationalization service in performing server-side localizations that are sensitive to client-side locale information. The Internationalization service manages the propagation of locale and time zone information, collectively referred to as Internationalization context, between client and server application components. Within server components, Currency exchange uses internationalization context with the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) Internationalization API to perform localizations, such as resource isolation, collation, and message formatting.




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