Host alias collection

Use this page to manage host name aliases defined for a virtual host. An alias is the DNS host name and port number that a client uses to form the URL request for a Web application resource.

To view this administrative console page, click Environment > Virtual Hosts > virtual_host_name > Host Aliases.

Host Name

Specifies the IP address, DNS host name with domain name suffix, or just the DNS host name, used by a client to request a Web application resource (such as a servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP) file, or HTML page). For example, the host alias name is myhost in a DNS name of myhost:8080.

The product provides a default virtual host (named default_host). The virtual host configuration uses the wildcard character * (asterisk) along with the port number for its virtual host entries. Unless you specifically want to isolate resources from one another on the same node (physical machine), you probably do not need any virtual hosts in addition to the default host.


Specifies the port for which the Web server has been configured to accept client requests. For example, the port assignment is 8080 in a DNS name of myhost:8080. A URL refers to this DNS as: http://myhost:8080/servlet/snoop.


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