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Use this page to specify that a file set on one node matches that on the central deployment manager node and to ensure consistent configuration data across a cell.

You can synchronize files on individual nodes or throughout your system.

To view this administrative console page, click...

System Administration | Node Agents | node_agent_name | File Synchronization Service


Configuration tab

Enable service at server startup

Specifies whether the server attempts to start the file synchronization service. This setting does not cause a file synchronization operation to start. This setting is enabled by default.

Data type Boolean
Default true

Synchronization Interval

Number of minutes that elapse between synchronizations. Increase the time interval to synchronize files less often. Decrease the time interval to synchronize files more often.

Data type Integer
Units Minutes
Default 1

The minimum value that the application server uses is 1. If you specify a value of 0, the application server ignores the value and uses the default of 1.

Automatic Synchronization

Specifies whether to synchronize files automatically after a designated interval. When this setting is enabled, the node agent automatically contacts the deployment manager every synchronization interval to attempt to synchronize the node's configuration repository with the master repository owned by the deployment manager.

If the Automatic synchronization setting is enabled, the node agent attempts file synchronization when it establishes contact with the deployment manager. The node agent waits the synchronization interval before it attempts the next synchronization.

Remove the check mark from the check box if you want to control when files are sent to the node.

IBM recommends that this option should be set to disabled (unchecked).

Data type Boolean
Default true

Startup Synchronization

Specifies whether the node agent attempts to synchronize the node configuration with the latest configurations in the master repository prior to starting an application server.

The default is to not synchronize files prior to starting an application server. Enabling the setting ensures that the node agent has the latest configuration but increases the amount of time it takes to start the application server.

Note that this setting has no effect on the startServer command. The startServer command launches a server directly and does not use the node agent.

Data type Boolean
Default false


Specifies files or patterns that should not be part of the synchronization of configuration data. Files in this list are not copied from the master configuration repository to the node, and are not deleted from the repository at the node.

The default is to have no files specified.

To specify a file, use a complete name or a name with a leading or trailing asterisk (*) for a wildcard. For example:

cells/cell name/nodes/node name/file name
Excludes this specific file
*/file name
Excludes files named file name in any context
Excludes the subtree under dirname

Press Enter at the end of each entry. Each file name appears on a separate line.

Since these strings represent logical document locations and not actual file paths, only forward slashes are needed no matter the platform.

Changes to the exclusion list are picked up when the node agent is restarted.

Data type String
Units File names or patterns


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