Enable the Runtime Performance Advisor tool using scripting



The Runtime Performance Advisor tool provides advice to help tune systems for optimal performance. One can configure the Runtime Performance Advisor using...

The recommendations display as text in the SystemOut.log file.

The Runtime Performance Advisor (RPA) requires that the Performance Monitoring Service (PMI) is enabled. It does not require that individual counters be enabled. When a counter that is needed by the RPA is not enabled, the RPA will enable it automatically.

There is no MBean/object available for wsadmin to create a RPA configuration. Use wsadmin to change the settings and make them effective at runtime. These changes will not be persisted. The changes remain until you stop the server. Since the RPA is disabled once you stop the server, you may want to disable the PMI Service or the counters that were enabled while it was active. You can enable the following counters using the Runtime Performance Advisor

ThreadPools (module)
Web Container (module)
Pool Size
Active Threads
Object Request Broker (module)
Pool Size
Active Threads
JDBC Connection Pools (module)
Pool Size
Percent used
Prepared Statement Discards
Servlet Session Manager (module)
External Read Size
External Write Size
External Read Time
External Write Time
No Room For New Session
System Data (module)
CPU Utilization
Free Memory

The following provides an explanation for some of the settings that use:

Calculation interval PMI data The calculation interval specifies the length of the time over which data is taken for this advice. Details within the advice messages will appear as averages over this interval.
Maximum warning sequence Number of consecutive warnings issued before the threshold is relaxed. For example, if the maximum warning sequence is set to 3, then the advisor only sends three warnings to indicate that the prepared statement cache is overflowing. After that, a new alert is only issued if the rate of discards exceeds the new threshold setting.
Number of processors Number of processors on the server. Critical in order to ensure accurate advice for the specific configuration of the system.

To enable the Runtime Performance Advisor tool using the wsadmin tool, perform the following steps:

Enable the Performance Monitoring Service (PMI)

Setup the Runtime Performance Advisor (RPA)


What to do next

After completing the previous steps, start the server and monitor RPA.


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