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Create a custom Java administrative client program using WAS administrative Java APIs

This section describes how to develop a Java program for accessing the WAS administrative system by using the WAS administrative APIs.


Before you begin

This task assumes a basic familiarity with Java Management Extensions (JMX) API programming. See the JMX API documentation for information.



When you develop and run administrative clients that use various JMX connectors and that have security enabled, use the following guidelines. When you follow these guidelines, you guarantee the behavior among different implementations of JMX connectors. Any programming model that strays from these guidelines is unsupported.

  1. Create and use a single administrative client before you create and use another administrative client.

  2. Create and use an administrative client on the same thread.

  3. Use one of the following ways to specify a user ID and password to create a new administrative client:

    • Specify a default user ID and password in the property file.

    • Specify a user ID and password other than the default. Once you create an administrative client with a nondefault user ID and password, specify the nondefault user ID and password when you create subsequent administrative clients.



  1. Develop an administrative client program.

  2. Build and run the administrative client program.

    The steps required to build and run your program depends on the kind of application environment your code runs. Refer to Using application clients for details on how to build and run your administrative client program.


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