Create a cluster: Basic cluster member settings



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Use this page to enter cluster member settings. You can create a cluster member during or after cluster creation.

You can create a new application server to become a cluster member in two ways:

Member name

Name of the application server that is created for the cluster.

The member name must be unique within the cell.

Select node

Node on which the application server resides.

Core group

Specifies the core group in which the application server resides. This field is displayed only if you have multiple core groups configured. You can change this value for the first cluster member only.

Generate unique HTTP ports

Specifies that a unique HTTP port is generated for the application server. By generating unique HTTP ports for the application server, you avoid potential port collisions and configurations that are not valid.

Select template

Specifies an application server template for the new application server.

The new application server contains identical configuration settings to the application server template.

Click Existing application server to choose from a list of application server templates. The application server that you choose becomes a template for the cluster member.

The template options are available only for the first cluster member that is created. All cluster members that you create after the first member are identical.


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