1. Constants

  2. Tables

  3. About this book

  4. Who this book is for

  5. What you need to know to understand this book

  6. Terms used in this book

  7. How to use this book

  8. Appearance of text in this book

  9. WebSphere MQ constants

  10. MQ_* (String Lengths)

  11. MQ_* (Command format String Lengths)

  12. MQACH_* (API exit chain area header structure)

  13. MQACT_* (Accounting Token)

  14. MQACT_* (Command format Action Options)

  15. MQACTT_* (Accounting Token Types)

  16. MQADOPT_* (Adopt New MCA Checks)

  17. MQADOPT_* (Adopt New MCA Types)

  18. MQAIR_* (Authentication information record structure)

  19. MQAIT_* (Authentication Information Type)

  20. MQAT_* (Put Application Types)

  21. MQAUTH_* (Command format Authority Values)

  22. MQAUTHOPT_* (Command format Authority Options)

  23. MQAXC_* (API exit context structure)

  24. MQAXP_* (API exit parameter structure)

  25. MQBA_* (Byte Attribute Selectors)

  26. MQBACF_* (Command format Byte Parameter Types)

  27. MQBL_* (Buffer Length for mqAddString and mqSetString)

  28. MQBND_* (Default Bindings)

  29. MQBO_* (Begin options structure)

  30. MQBO_* (Begin Options)

  31. MQBT_* (Command format Bridge Types)

  32. MQCA_* (Character Attribute Selectors)

  33. MQCACF_* (Command format Character Parameter Types)

  34. MQCACH_* (Command format Character Channel Parameter Types)

  35. MQCADSD_* (CICS information header ADS Descriptors)

  36. MQCAMO_* (Command format Character Monitoring Parameter Types)

  37. MQCBO_* (Create-Bag Options for mqCreateBag)

  38. MQCC_* (Completion Codes)

  39. MQCCSI_* (Coded Character Set Identifiers)

  40. MQCCT_* (CICS information header Conversational Task Options)

  41. MQCD_* (Channel definition structure)

  42. MQCDC_* (Channel Data Conversion)

  43. MQCF_* (Capability Flags)

  44. MQCFAC_* (CICS information header Facility)

  45. MQCFBF_* (Command format byte string filter parameter structure)

  46. MQCFBS_* (Command format byte string parameter structure)

  47. MQCFC_* (Command format header Control Options)

  48. MQCFGR_* (Command format group parameter structure)

  49. MQCFH_* (Command format header structure)

  50. MQCFIF_* (Command format integer filter parameter structure)

  51. MQCFIL_* (Command format integer list parameter structure)

  52. MQCFIL64_* (Command format 64-bit integer list parameter structure)

  53. MQCFIN_* (Command format integer parameter structure)

  54. MQCFIN64_* (Command format 64-bit integer parameter structure)

  55. MQCFO_* (Command format Refresh Repository Options)

  56. MQCFO_* (Command format Remove Queues Options)

  57. MQCFOP_* (Command format Filter Operators)

  58. MQCFR_* (CF Recoverability)

  59. MQCFSF_* (Command format string filter parameter structure)

  60. MQCFSL_* (Command format string list parameter structure)

  61. MQCFST_* (Command format string parameter structure)

  62. MQCFSTATUS_* (Command format CF Status)

  63. MQCFT_* (Command format Types of Structure)

  64. MQCFTYPE_* (Command format CF Types)

  65. MQCFUNC_* (CICS information header Functions)

  66. MQCGWI_* (CICS information header Get Wait Interval)

  67. MQCHAD_* (Channel Auto Definition)

  68. MQCHIDS_* (Command format Indoubt Status)

  69. MQCHLD_* (Command format Channel Dispositions)

  70. MQCHS_* (Command format Channel Status)

  71. MQCHSH_* (Command format Channel Shared Restart Options)

  72. MQCHSR_* (Command format Channel Stop Options)

  73. MQCHSSTATE_* (Command format Channel Substates)

  74. MQCHT_* (Channel Types)

  75. MQCHTAB_* (Command format Channel Table Types)

  76. MQCI_* (Correlation Identifier)

  77. MQCIH_* (CICS information header structure)

  78. MQCIH_* (CICS information header Flags)

  79. MQCLCT_* (Cluster Cache Types)

  80. MQCLT_* (CICS information header Link Types)

  81. MQCLWL_* (Cluster Workload)

  82. MQCMD_* (Command Codes)

  83. MQCMDI_* (Command format Command Information Values)

  84. MQCMDL_* (Command Levels)

  85. MQCNO_* (Connect options structure)

  86. MQCNO_* (Connect Options)

  87. MQCO_* (Close Options)

  88. MQCODL_* (CICS information header Output Data Length)

  89. MQCOMPRESS_* (Channel Compression)

  90. MQCONNID_* (Connection Identifier)

  91. MQCQT_* (Cluster Queue Types)

  92. MQCRC_* (CICS information header Return Codes)

  93. MQCSC_* (CICS information header Start Codes)

  94. MQCSP_* (Connection security parameters structure)

  95. MQCSP_* (Connection security parameters Authentication Types)

  96. MQCSRV_* (Command Server Options)

  97. MQCT_* (Queue Manager Connection Tag)

  98. MQCTES_* (CICS information header Task End Status)

  99. MQCUOWC_* (CICS information header Unit-of-Work Controls)

  100. MQCXP_* (Channel exit parameter structure)

  101. MQDCC_* (Conversion Options)

  102. MQDCC_* (Conversion Options Masks and Factors)

  103. MQDELO_* (Publish/Subscribe Delete Options)

  104. MQDH_* (Distribution header structure)

  105. MQDHF_* (Distribution header Flags)

  106. MQDISCONNECT_* (Command format Disconnect Types)

  107. MQDL_* (Distribution Lists)

  108. MQDLH_* (Dead-letter header structure)


  110. MQDT_* (Destination Types)

  111. MQDXP_* (Conversion exit parameter structure)

  112. MQEC_* (Signal Values)

  113. MQEI_* (Expiry)

  114. MQENC_* (Encoding)

  115. MQENC_* (Encoding Masks)

  116. MQENC_* (Encodings for Binary Integers)

  117. MQENC_* (Encodings for Packed Decimal Integers)

  118. MQENC_* (Encodings for Floating Point Numbers)

  119. MQEPH_* (Embedded command format header structure)

  120. MQEPH_* (Embedded command format header Flags)

  121. MQET_* (Command format Escape Types)

  122. MQEVO_* (Command format Event Origins)

  123. MQEVR_* (Command format Event Recording)

  124. MQEXPI_* (Expiration Scan Interval)

  125. MQFB_* (Feedback Values)

  126. MQFC_* (Command format Force Options)

  127. MQFMT_* (Formats)

  128. MQGA_* (Group Attribute Selectors)

  129. MQGACF_* (Command format Group Parameter Types)

  130. MQGI_* (Group Identifier)

  131. MQGMO_* (Get message options structure)

  132. MQGMO_* (Get Message Options)

  133. MQGS_* (Group Status)

  134. MQHA_* (Handle Selectors)

  135. MQHB_* (Bag Handles)

  136. MQHC_* (Connection Handles)

  137. MQHO_* (Object Handle)

  138. MQHSTATE_* (Command format Handle States)

  139. MQIA_* (Integer Attribute Selectors)

  140. MQIACF_* (Command format Integer Parameter Types)

  141. MQIACH_* (Command format Integer Channel Types)

  142. MQIAMO_* (Command format Integer Monitoring Parameter Types)

  143. MQIAMO64_* (Command format 64-bit Integer Monitoring Parameter Types)

  144. MQIASY_* (Integer System Selectors)

  145. MQIAUT_* (IMS information header Authenticator)

  146. MQIAV_* (Integer Attribute Values)

  147. MQICM_* (IMS information header Commit Modes)

  148. MQIDO_* (Command format Indoubt Options)

  149. MQIGQ_* (Intra-Group Queuing)

  150. MQIGQPA_* (Intra-Group Queuing Put Authority)

  151. MQIIH_* (IMS information header structure)

  152. MQIIH_* (IMS information header Flags)

  153. MQINBD_* (Command format Inbound Dispositions)

  154. MQIND_* (Special Index Values)

  155. MQIPADDR_* (IP Address Versions)

  156. MQISS_* (IMS information header Security Scopes)

  157. MQIT_* (Index Types)

  158. MQITEM_* (Item Type for mqInquireItemInfo)

  159. MQITII_* (IMS information header Transaction Instance Identifier)

  160. MQITS_* (IMS information header Transaction States)

  161. MQKAI_* (KeepAlive Interval)

  162. MQMCAS_* (Command format Message Channel Agent Status)

  163. MQMCAT_* (MCA Types)

  164. MQMD_* (Message descriptor structure)

  165. MQMDE_* (Message descriptor extension structure)

  166. MQMDEF_* (Message descriptor extension Flags)

  167. MQMDS_* (Message Delivery Sequence)

  168. MQMF_* (Message Flags)

  169. MQMI_* (Message Identifier)

  170. MQMO_* (Match Options)

  171. MQMODE_* (Command format Mode Options)

  172. MQMON_* (Monitoring Values)

  173. MQMT_* (Message Types)

  174. MQMTOK_* (Message Token)

  175. MQNC_* (Name Count)

  176. MQNPM_* (Nonpersistent Message Class)

  177. MQNPMS_* (NonPersistent-Message Speeds)

  178. MQNT_* (Namelist Types)

  179. MQNVS_* (Names for Name/Value String)

  180. MQOA_* (Limits for Selectors for Object Attributes)

  181. MQOD_* (Object descriptor structure)

  182. MQOII_* (Object Instance Identifier)

  183. MQOL_* (Original Length)

  184. MQOO_* (Open Options)

  185. MQOPER_* (Activity Operations)

  186. MQOT_* (Object Types)

  187. MQOT_* (Extended Object Types)

  188. MQPA_* (Put Authority)

  189. MQPER_* (Persistence Values)

  190. MQPL_* (Platforms)

  191. MQPMO_* (Put message options structure)

  192. MQPMO_* (Put Message Options)

  193. MQPMRF_* (Put Message Record Fields)

  194. MQPO_* (Command format Purge Options)

  195. MQPRI_* (Priority)

  196. MQPS_* (Publish/Subscribe Tags as strings)

  197. MQPS_* (Publish/Subscribe Tags as blank-enclosed strings)

  198. MQPS_* (Publish/Subscribe Command Tag Values as strings)

  199. MQPS_* (Publish/Subscribe Command Tag Values as blank-enclosed strings)

  200. MQPS_* (Publish/Subscribe Options Tag Values as strings)

  201. MQPS_* (Publish/Subscribe Options Tag Values as blank-enclosed strings)

  202. MQPUBO_* (Publish/Subscribe Publication Options)

  203. MQPXP_* (Publish/subscribe routing exit parameter structure)

  204. MQQA_* (Inhibit Get Values)

  205. MQQA_* (Inhibit Put Values)

  206. MQQA_* (Queue Shareability)

  207. MQQA_* (Back-Out Hardening)

  208. MQQDT_* (Queue Definition Types)

  209. MQQF_* (Queue Flags)

  210. MQQMDT_* (Command format Queue Manager Definition Types)

  211. MQQMF_* (Queue Manager Flags)

  212. MQQMFAC_* (Command format Queue Manager Facility)

  213. MQQMSTA_* (Command format Queue Manager Status)

  214. MQQMT_* (Command format Queue Manager Types)

  215. MQQO_* (Command format Quiesce Options)

  216. MQQSGD_* (Queue Sharing Group Dispositions)

  217. MQQSGS_* (Command format QSG Status)

  218. MQQSIE_* (Command format Queue Service-Interval Events)

  219. MQQSO_* (Command format Queue Status Open Options for SET, BROWSE, INPUT)

  220. MQQSOT_* (Command format Queue Status Open Types)

  221. MQQSUM_* (Command format Queue Status Uncommitted Messages)

  222. MQQT_* (Queue Types)

  223. MQQT_* (Extended Queue Types)

  224. MQRC_* (Reason Codes)

  225. MQRCCF_* (Command format header Reason Codes)

  226. MQRCVTIME_* (Receive Timeout Types)

  227. MQRECORDING_* (Recording Options)

  228. MQREGO_* (Publish/Subscribe Registration Options)

  229. MQRFH_* (Rules and formatting header structure)

  230. MQRFH_* (Rules and formatting header Flags)

  231. MQRL_* (Returned Length)

  232. MQRMH_* (Reference message header structure)

  233. MQRMHF_* (Reference message header Flags)

  234. MQRO_* (Report Options)

  235. MQRO_* (Report Options Masks)

  236. MQROUTE_* (Trace-route Max Activities (MQIACF_MAX_ACTIVITIES))

  237. MQROUTE_* (Trace-route Detail (MQIACF_ROUTE_DETAIL))

  238. MQROUTE_* (Trace-route Forwarding (MQIACF_ROUTE_FORWARDING))

  239. MQROUTE_* (Trace-route Delivery (MQIACF_ROUTE_DELIVERY))

  240. MQROUTE_* (Trace-route Accumulation (MQIACF_ROUTE_ACCUMULATION))

  241. MQRP_* (Command format Replace Options)

  242. MQRQ_* (Command format Reason Qualifiers)

  243. MQRT_* (Command format Refresh Types)

  244. MQSCA_* (SSL Client Authentication)

  245. MQSCO_* (SSL configuration options structure)

  246. MQSCO_* (SSL configuration options Key Reset Count)

  247. MQSCO_* (Command format Queue Definition Scope)

  248. MQSECITEM_* (Command format Security Items)

  249. MQSECSW_* (Command format Security Switches)

  250. MQSECSW_* (Command format Security Switch States)

  251. MQSECTYPE_* (Command format Security Types)

  252. MQSEG_* (Segmentation)

  253. MQSEL_* (Special Selector Values)

  254. MQSID_* (Security Identifier)

  255. MQSIDT_* (Security Identifier Types)

  256. MQSP_* (Syncpoint Availability)

  257. MQSQQM_* (Shared Queue Queue Manager Name)

  258. MQSS_* (Segment Status)

  259. MQSSL_* (SSL FIPS Requirements)

  260. MQSUS_* (Command format Suspend Status)

  261. MQSVC_* (Service Types)

  262. MQSVC_* (Service Controls)

  263. MQSVC_* (Service Status)

  264. MQSYSP_* (Command format System Parameter Values)

  265. MQTC_* (Trigger Controls)

  266. MQTCPKEEP_* (TCP Keepalive)

  267. MQTCPSTACK_* (TCP Stack Types)

  268. MQTIME_* (Command format Time units)

  269. MQTM_* (Trigger message structure)

  270. MQTMC_* (Trigger message character format structure)

  271. MQTRAXSTR_* (Channel Initiator Trace Autostart)

  272. MQTT_* (Trigger Types)

  273. MQUA_* (Publish/Subscribe User Attribute Selectors)

  274. MQUIDSUPP_* (Command format User ID Support)

  275. MQUOWST_* (Command format UOW States)

  276. MQUOWT_* (Command format UOW Types)

  277. MQUS_* (Queue Usages)

  278. MQUSAGE_* (Command format Page Set Usage Values)

  279. MQUSAGE_* (Command format Data Set Usage Values)

  280. MQWDR_* (Cluster workload exit destination record structure)

  281. MQWI_* (Wait Interval)

  282. MQWIH_* (Workload information header structure)

  283. MQWIH_* (Workload information header Flags)

  284. MQWQR_* (Cluster workload exit queue record structure)

  285. MQWXP_* (Cluster workload exit parameter structure)

  286. MQWXP_* (Cluster Workload Flags)

  287. MQXACT_* (API Caller Types)

  288. MQXC_* (Exit Commands)

  289. MQXCC_* (Exit Responses)

  290. MQXDR_* (Exit Response)

  291. MQXE_* (Environments)

  292. MQXF_* (API Function Identifiers)

  293. MQXP_* (API crossing exit parameter structure)

  294. MQXPDA_* (Problem Determination Area)

  295. MQXPT_* (Transport Types)

  296. MQXQH_* (Transmission queue header structure)

  297. MQXR_* (Exit Reasons)

  298. MQXR2_* (Exit Response 2)

  299. MQXT_* (Exit Identifiers)

  300. MQXUA_* (Exit User Area Value)

  301. MQXWD_* (Exit wait descriptor structure)

  302. MQZAC_* (Application context structure)

  303. MQZAD_* (Authority data structure)

  304. MQZAET_* (Installable Services Entity Types)

  305. MQZAO_* (Installable Services Authorizations)

  306. MQZAS_* (Installable Services Service Interface Version)

  307. MQZAT_* (Authentication Types)

  308. MQZCI_* (Installable Services Continuation Indicator)

  309. MQZED_* (Entity data structure)

  310. MQZFP_* (Free parameters structure)

  311. MQZIC_* (Identity context structure)

  312. MQZID_* (Function ids common to all services)

  313. MQZID_* (Function ids for Authority service)

  314. MQZID_* (Function ids for Name service)

  315. MQZID_* (Function ids for Userid service)

  316. MQZIO_* (Installable Services Initialization Options)

  317. MQZNS_* (Name Service Interface Version)

  318. MQZSE_* (Installable Services Start-Enumeration Indicator)

  319. MQZSL_* (Installable Services Selector Indicator)

  320. MQZTO_* (Installable Services Termination Options)

  321. MQZUS_* (Userid Service Interface Version)

  322. Appendix A. WebSphere MQ COPY, header, include, and module files

  323. C header files

  324. COBOL COPY files

  325. PL/I include files

  326. RPG copy files

  327. Visual Basic module files

  328. z/OS Assembler COPY files

  329. Appendix B. Notices

  330. Trademarks

  331. Index