Configure the webservicesclient.xml deployment descriptor


This topic explains how to configure the webservicesclient.xml deployment descriptor with the Assembly Toolkit. It is one of the tools available with the Application Server Toolkit product.

You should have an EJB JAR file, Web archive (WAR) file, or an application client file that you can import into the Assembly Toolkit.

To configure the webservicesclient.xml deployment descriptor with the Assembly Toolkit...

  1. Start the Assembly Toolkit.

  2. Click File > Import to import the EJB JAR file, WAR file or application client file into the Assembly Toolkit.

  3. Open the J2EE perspective by clicking Windows >Open Perspective >J2EE.

  4. Switch to the Project Navigator pane by clicking the Project Navigator tab.

  5. Locate the project containing the webservicesclient.xml file in the Project Navigator pane.

  6. Expand the directories under the project until the META-INF or WEB-INF directory and its contents appear.

  7. Right-click on the webservicesclient.xml file.

  8. Select Open. The Web Services Client editor opens.

  9. Expand the Service references section.

  10. Select the service_reference that you want to configure.

  11. Expand the Service reference overview section.

  12. Type the name of the service for which the client accesses in the Description field.

  13. Expand the Service reference implementation details section.

    1. Type the name that the Java Naming Directory Interface (JNDI) uses to locate the service in the Service references name field. The JNDI lookup string for this service is java:comp/env/service-ref-name. By convention, the service reference name always begins with service/.

    2. Type the class name, including package, of the generated Java interface that is the Service Interface for this Web service in the Service interface name field.

    3. Type the WSDL file name used by the client, relative to the root of the module, in the WSDL file field.

    4. Type the file name of the Java mapping file, relative to the root of the module, in the JAX RPC mapping file field.

  14. Click ctrl-s to save the changes.

The webservicesclient.xml deployment descriptor is configured.


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