tsx:getProperty tag JSP syntax and examples

The <tsx:getProperty> tag gets the value of a bean to display in a JSP file.

This IBM extension of the Sun JSP <jsp:getProperty> tag implements all of the <jsp:getProperty> function and adds the ability to introspect a database bean created using the IBM extension <tsx:dbquery> or <tsx:dbmodify>.

Note: You cannot assign the value from this tag to a variable. The value, generated as output from this tag, displays in the browser window.

This section describes the syntax of the <tsx:getProperty> tag...

<tsx:getProperty name="bean_name"
  property="property_name" />


Tag example...

<tsx:getProperty name="userProfile" property="username" />
<tsx:getProperty name="request" property=request.getParameter("corporation") />

In most cases, the value of the property attribute is just the property name. However, to access the request bean or to access a property of a property (sub property), specify the full form of the property attribute. The full form also gives you the option to specify an index for indexed properties. You can specify the optional index as a constant (such as 2), or an index like the one described in the <tsx:repeat> tag. Some examples using the full form of the property attribute follow...

<tsx:getProperty name="staffQuery" property=address(currentAddressIndex) />
<tsx:getProperty name="shoppingCart" property=items(4).price />
<tsx:getProperty name="fooBean" property=foo(2).bat(3).boo.far />


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