tsx:dbconnect tag JSP syntax

Use the <tsx:dbconnect> tag to specify information needed to make a connection to a JDBC or an ODBC database.

The <tsx:dbconnect> syntax does not establish the connection. Use the <tsx:dbquery> and <tsx:dbmodify> syntax instead to reference a <tsx:dbconnect> tag in the same JSP file to establish the connection.

When the JSP file compiles into a servlet, the Java processor adds the Java coding for the <tsx:dbconnect> syntax to the servlet service() method, which means a new database connection is created for each request for the JSP file.

This section describes the syntax of the <tsx:dbconnect> tag.

<tsx:dbconnect id="connection_id"
    userid="db_user" passwd="user_password"


An empty element (such as <url></url>) is valid.


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