Tune session management

IBM WAS session support has features for tuning session performance and operating characteristics, particularly when sessions are configured in a distributed environment. These options support the administrator flexibility in determining the performance and failover characteristics for their environment.

The table summarizes the features, including whether they apply to sessions tracked in memory, in a database, with memory-to-memory replication, or all.

Feature or option Goal Applies to sessions in memory, database, or memory-to-memory
Write frequency Minimize database write operations. Database and Memory-to-Memory
Session affinity Access the session in the same appserver instance. All
Multirow schema Fully utilize database capacities. Database
Base in-memory session pool size Fully utilize system capacity without overburdening system. All
Write contents Allow flexibility in determining what session data to write Database and Memory-to-Memory
Scheduled invalidation Minimize contention between session requests and invalidation of sessions by the Session Management facility. Minimize write operations to database for updates to last access time only. Database and Memory-to-Memory
Tablespace and row size Increase efficiency of write operations to database. Database (DB2 only)