User roles and activities




Review the user role and activity descriptions to understand how someone with your organizational role might use WAS. If you are new to the product or to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specification, the simplified model presented here should help you with the basic flow of activities involved in seeing a J2EE application through to deployment.

The product tools (described in Product GUIs and tools) and documentation are geared towards helping you with these activities. As you learn more, you will see ways to tailor the flow of activities to your specific needs.


Mapping to J2EE roles

The following is the mapping of WAS roles and activities to the roles defined by the J2EE 1.3 specification.

J2EE roles Product roles Product activities
Non-applicable Planner, Installer, IT architect Planning, Install product environment
Application Component Provider Developer / Programmer Developing
Application Assembler Developer / Programmer Assembling
Deployer Administrator (in production environment) Deploying, Testing application deployment
System Administrator Administrator Administering
Non-applicable All of the above Migrating, Tuning, Troubleshooting
Tool Provider, J2EE Product Provider WAS and product family Non-applicable

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