Install resource adapters within applications


  1. Assemble an application with RAR modules

  2. Install a new application.

    In the Map modules to appservers step, specify target servers or clusters for each RAR file. Map all modules that use the resource adapters defined in the RAR modules to the same targets.

  3. Click Finish | Save to save the changes.

  4. Create connection factories for the newly installed application.

    Console | Applications | Enterprise Applications | application name | Connector Modules | filename.rar | Resource adapter | J2C Connection Factories | connection factory

    If you install a J2C Resource Adapter that has more than one native path element, and one of the native libraries (native library A) is dependent on another library native(library B), then copy native library B to a system directory. Because of limitations on most Unix platforms, an attempt to load a native library does not look in the current directory.

  5. After you create and save the connection factories, you can modify the resource references defined in various modules of the application and specify the JNDI names of the connection factories wherever appropriate.

A given native library can only be loaded one time for each instance of the JVM. Because each application has its own classloader, separate applications with embedded RAR files cannot both use the same native library. The second application receives an exception when it tries to load the library.

If any application deployed on the appserver uses an embedded RAR file that includes native path elements, then always ensure that you shut down the application server cleanly, with no outstanding transactions. If the application server does not shut down cleanly it performs recovery upon server restart and loads any required RAR files and native libraries. On completion of recovery, do not attempt any application-related work. Shut down the server and restart it. No further recovery is attempted by the application server on this restart, and normal application processing can proceed.