WSIF - Enabling a freer Web services environment promotes intermediaries

Web services offer application integrators a loosely-coupled paradigm. In such environments, intermediaries can be very powerful.

Intermediaries are applications that intercept the messages that flow between a service requester and a target Web service, and perform some mediating task (for example logging, high-availability or transformation) before passing on the message. They can be as small as a simple Web service, or as large as the Web services gateway. The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) is designed to make building intermediaries both possible and simple. Using WSIF, intermediaries can add value to the service invocation without needing transport-specific programming.


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Goals of WSIF
WSIF - Web services are more than just SOAP services
WSIF - Tying client code to a particular protocol implementation is restricting
WSIF - Incorporating new bindings into client code is hard
WSIF - Multiple bindings can be used in flexible ways