post_uninst50ws command

The post_uninst50ws command restores the normal uninstaller program environment in which the uninstaller program removes a federated base node from a cell prior to uninstalling the base WAS node. Run the post_uninst50ws script from a node only when you have run the pre_uninst50ws script on the node and decide not to uninstall the node.



The post_uninst50ws tool restores the environment created by the use of the pre_uninst50ws tool. The post_uninst50ws tool allows the uninstaller program to remove a federated node from its cell while uninstalling the base node.

If you are completely uninstalling the previous version, it is not necessary to run the post_uninst50ws script. If you follow the platform-specific instructions for uninstalling the previous version, you remove the or the _nodeuninst.bat script along with all other artifacts. So there is nothing left for the script to rename.

Use the post_uninst50ws migration tool to reverse the effects of the pre_uninst50ws tool when you run the pre_uninst50ws tool and then decide not to uninstall the product.


Location of the command file

The command file is located in the $WAS_HOME/bin directory of the V5.1 node.

If the installation wizard performs the initial migration, the wizard copies the scripts to the $WAS_HOME/bin directory of the V5.0.x node that it is migrating. If you migrate the node by calling the migration tool commands, you might have to copy the following files to the $WAS_HOME/bin directory of the V5.0.x node from the $WAS_HOME/bin directory of the V5.1 node... command syntax for Linux and UNIX-based platforms

The command syntax is as follows


post_uninst50ws.bat command syntax for Windows platforms




No parameters are associated with this command.