Update mail session configurations for application clients

During this task, you update the configuration of an existing JavaMail session. You cannot update the name of the default JavaMail provider, and you cannot delete the default JavaMail provider from the navigation tree.

  1. Start the ACRCT tool and open the EAR file containing the JavaMail session.The EAR file contents are displayed in the navigation tree view.

  2. Select the JAR file containing the JavaMail session to update from the navigation tree.

  3. Expand the JAR file to view its contents.

  4. Keep expanding the JAR file contents until you locate the particular JavaMail session to update. Take one of the following actions...

    1. Right-click the object and click Properties

    2. Click Edit > Properties from the menu bar.

  5. Update the properties in the displayed fields.

  6. Click OK when you finish.

  7. Select File > Save from the menu bar to save your changes.