ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi assembly properties


ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi properties

The ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi file is a deployment descriptor for a Web Services-enabled Web module or enterprise JavaBean (EJB) module. It contains information for the Web services runtime that is either WebSphere product-specific or was not specified by the Web Services for J2EE specification.

You can edit these properties using the Assembly Toolkit. See Configuring the ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi deployment descriptor for instructions.

The following user-definable assembly properties are supported:

The value of scope for a deployed Web service can be changed using the administrative console. Using application management, navigate to the Web module of the Web service application and select Web Services Implementation Scope.


Example bindings file

The following examples demonstrate the spelling and position of the various attributes. You cannot cut and paste these examples because they do not contain the required ID attributes. If you add elements to a binding file template generated by the WSDL2Java command, confirm that each element has an ID attribute whose value is a unique string. Review the template xmi files generated by the WSDL2Java command for examples of ID strings

< xmi:version="2.0" xmlns:xmi=
    <wsdescBindings wsDescNameLink="AddressBookService">
        <pcBindings pcNameLink="AddressBook" scope="Application"/>


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