dbquery tag JSP syntax

Use the <tsx:dbquery> tag to establish a connection to a database, submit database queries, and return the results set.

The <tsx:dbquery> tag does the following...

  1. References a <tsc:dbconnect> tag in the same JSP file and uses the information the tag provides to determine the database URL and driver. You can also obtain the user ID and password from the <tsc:dbconnect> tag if those values are provided in the <tsc:dbconnect> tag.

  2. Establishes a new connection

  3. Retrieves and caches data in the results object.

  4. Closes the connection and releases the connection resource.

This section describes the syntax of the <tsx:dbquery> tag.

<%-- SELECT commands and (optional) JSP syntax can be placed within the tsx:dbquery. --%>
<%-- Any other syntax, including HTML comments, are not valid. --%>
<tsx:dbquery id="query_id" connection="connection_id" limit="value" >



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