dbmodify tag JSP syntax

The <tsx:dbmodify> tag establishes a connection to a database and then adds records to a database table.

The <tsx:dbmodify> tag does the following...

  1. References a <tsc:dbconnect> tag in the same JSP file and uses the information provided by that tag to determine the database URL and driver.

    Note: You can also obtain the user ID and password from the <tsc:dbconnect> tag if those values are provided in the <tsc:dbconnect> tag.

  2. Establishes a new connection.

  3. Updates a table in the database.

  4. Closes the connection and releases the connection resource.

This section describes the syntax of the <tsx:dbmodify> tag.

<%-- Any valid database update commands can be placed within the DBMODIFY tag. -->
<%-- Any other syntax, including HTML comments, are not valid. -->
<tsx:dbmodify connection="connection_id">



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