The clientUpgrade command

Use the clientUpgrade command to migrate application clients.

Note that WAS v5.1 does not support the Windows NT platform.

The command file is located in the bin subdirectory of the $WAS_HOME, or the ND_$WAS_HOME directory. By default, the $WAS_HOME for WAS and WAS Enterprise is...

By default, the ND_$WAS_HOME for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment is:



Linux and UNIX-based platforms EAR_file [-clientJar client_jar ]
                       [-traceString trace_spec [-traceFile file_name ]]

Windows platforms

clientUpgrade.bat EAR_file [-clientJar client_jar ]
                       [-traceString trace_spec [-traceFile file_name ]]



Supported arguments include the following...

EAR_file Use this parameter to specify the fully qualified path to the EAR file that contains client JAR files to process.

-clientJar Use this optional parameter to specify a JAR file for processing. If not specified, the program transforms all client JAR files in the EAR file.

-traceString -traceFile Use these optional parameters to gather trace information for IBM Service personnel. Specify a trace_spec of "*=all=enabled" (with quotation marks) to gather all trace information.

-logFileLocation Use this optional parameter to specify an alternate location to store the log output.


Usage scenario

clientUpgrade EAR_file -clientJar ejbJarFile


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