Configure default collection certificate stores at the server level in the WAS administrative console

A collection certificate store is a collection of non-root, certificate authority (CA) certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRLs). This collection of CA certificates and CRLs are used to check the signature of a digitally signed SOAP message. A certificate store typically refers to a certificate store located in the file system. The location of the certificate store can vary from machine to machine, so you might configure a default collection certificate store for a specific machine and reference it from within the signing information. The signing information is found within the binding configurations of any application installed on the machine. This suggestion enables you to define a single collection certificate store for all of the applications that need to use the same certificates. You also can specify the default binding information at the cell level.

Complete the following steps to configure the default collection certificate store at the server level using the WebSphere Application Server administrative console...

  1. Connect to the administrative console.You can access the administrative console by typing http://localhost:9090/admin in your Web browser unless you have changed the port number.

  2. Click Servers > Application Servers > server.

  3. Under Additional Properties, click Web Services: Default bindings for Web Services Security > Collection Certificate Store.

  4. Enter a name in the Certificate Store Name field. This name is referenced in the Certificate Store field on the Signing information configuration page.

  5. Leave the Certificate Store Provider field value as IBMCertPath.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Under Additional Properties, click X.509 Certificates > New.

  8. Enter the path to your certificate store.For example, the path might be: ${USER_INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/ws-security/samples/intca2.cer.

    If you have any additional certificate store paths to enter, click New and add the path names.

  9. Click OK.


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