Example: Custom user registries

A custom user registry is a customer-implemented user registry that implements the UserRegistry Java interface as provided by WebSphere Application Server. A custom-implemented user registry can support virtually any type or form of an accounts repository from a relational database, flat file, and so on. The custom user registry provides considerable flexibility in adapting WAS security to various environments where some form of a user registry, other than LDAP or Local OS, already exist in the operational environment.

Implementing a custom user registry is a software development effort. You must use the methods defined in the UserRegistry interface to make calls to the desired registry for obtaining user and group information. The interface defines a very general set of methods, so it can encapsulate a wide variety of registries. You can configure a custom user registry as the active user registry when configuring the product global security.

If you are using the WAS Version 4.0 custom registry you can plug in your registry without any changes. However, using the new interface to implement your custom registry is recommended.

To view a sample custom registry, refer to the following files...


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