XML parser for Java code



IBM's previous XML technologies, XML4J, XML4C, and LotusXSL, have been merged with the xml.apache.org project. The parsing technologies have been renamed Xerces, and the LotusXSL technology has been renamed Xalan.

Use the org.apache.xerces.parsers.* classes for new development.


Capture Configuration Data

To capture configuration information in HTML format...
  1. Log onto your box, and cd to a local directory
  2. mkdir bin
  3. mkdir bin/lib
  4. Created a script called captureWAS.sh.
  5. Copy websphereConfigFiles.xml and websphereConfig.xsl to bin
  6. cp xalan.jar, xercesImpl.jar, and xmlParserAPIs.jar to bin/lib
  7. Edit paths in websphereConfigFiles.xml.
  8. Run captureWAS.sh.