Work with troubleshooting tools

WAS includes a number of troubleshooting tools that are designed to help you isolate the source of problems. Many of these tools are designed to generate information to be used by IBM Support, and their output might not be understandable by the customer.

This section only discusses tools that are bundled with the WAS product. A wide range of tools which address a variety of problems is available from the WebSphere Application Server Technical Support Web site.

  1. Select the appropriate tool for the task.For more information on the capacities of the supplied troubleshooting tools, see the relevant articles in this section.

  2. Run the tool as described in the relevant article.

  3. Contact IBM Support for assistance in deciphering the output of the tool. For current information available from IBM Support on known problems and their resolution, see IBM Support page. IBM Support has documents that can save you time gathering information needed to resolve this problem. Before opening a PMR, see IBM Support page.


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