Web services client bindings

Use this page to specify the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) file name and port type mappings for the Web services in a module.

To view this page, click Applications >Enterprise Applications > application_instance > Web Modules > module_instance >Web Services Client Bindings.

For EJB modules, click Applications >Enterprise Applications > application_instance > EJB Modules > module_instance >Web Services Client Bindings

Web Service Name of this Web service. A module can contain one or more Web services.

EJB Specifies the

URI Specifies the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the binding file that defines the scope. The URI is relative to the module.

WSDL Filename Specifies the WSDL file name, which is relative to the module.

A Web service can specify the relative path within the module of a compatible WSDL file containing the actual URL to be used for requests. This is needed only if the original WSDL file does not contain a URL or when a different URL is needed. For a service endpoint with multiple ports defined, a default port mapping specifies the port to use for a port type.

Default Port Mappings Specifies and manages the default port type mapping for a Web service when a particular port type is requested.

Preferred Port Mappings Specifies and manages the preferred port type mapping for a Web