Web Module Deployment settings

To configure an instance of Web module deployment.

To view this administrative console page, click Applications > Enterprise Application > application_instance > Web Modules > Web Module_instance.

URI Specifies a URI that, when resolved relative to the application URL, specifies the location of the module archive contents on a file system. The URI must match the ModuleRef URI in the deployment descriptor of an application if the module was packaged as part of a deployed application or enterprise archive (EAR) file.

Alternate DD Specifies the file name for an alternative deployment descriptor file to use instead of the original deployment descriptor file in the module JAR file.

This file is the post-assembly version of the deployment descriptor file. You can edit the original deployment descriptor file to resolve dependencies and security information. Specifying the use of the alternative deployment descriptor keeps the original deployment descriptor file intact.

The value of the Alternate DD property must be the full path name of the deployment descriptor file, relative to the module root directory. By convention, the file is in the ALT-INF directory. If this property is not specified, the deployment descriptor file is read from the module JAR file.

Starting weight Specifies the order in which modules are started. Lower weighted modules are started before higher weighted modules.

Classloader Mode Specifies whether the class loader should search in the parent class loader or in the application class loader first to load a class. The standard for JDK class loaders and WebSphere class loaders is PARENT_FIRST. By specifying PARENT_LAST, your application can override classes contained in the parent class loader, but this action can potentially result in ClassCastException or LinkageErrors if you have mixed use of overriden classes and non-overriden classes.

The options are PARENT_FIRST and PARENT_LAST. The default is to search in the parent class loader before searching in the application class loader to load a class.

Data type String


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