Example: UserProfileExtendedSample.java

/* -----------------------------------------------------------------
** -----------------------------------------------------------------
package com.ibm.servlet.personalization.userprofile;

import com.ibm.servlet.personalization.userprofile.UserProfile;
import com.ibm.websphere.userprofile.UserProfileExtender;

//Extensions of UserProfile to add new Columns should implement UserProfileExtender
public class UserProfileExtendedSample 
   extends com.ibm.servlet.personalization.userprofile.UserProfile 
   implements UserProfileExtender {

   //New column that is being added by this
   //derived class.
   public String cellPhone;

   //Manager Class will call this  method to append new Column types.
   //If UserProfile class is extended to append new columns
   //TOTAL COLUMNS: Base Class columns + columns returned by this class

   public  String[]  getNewColumns() {
      //If variable name is "cellPhone," you need to 
      //return "cellPhone" in array format. JDBC equivalent will be
      //generated automatically. You can add muliple columns.
      //For multiple columns: String newCol={"fieldName1","fieldName2",...};
      String[] newCol={"cellPhone"};
      return newCol;

   public String getCellPhone() {
      // Need to call this method to
      // get the things from persistence store.
   public  void setCellPhone String(value) {
      cellPhone = value;
      //Call this method to store the
      //things in persistence store
      setByType("cellPhone", value); 


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