Use the no-argument getConnection() call

If a client running outside the WAS process does not pass the user and password on the getConnection call, define a text file on each system on which the client runs. This file, whose name is defined by the system property WAS_AuthDataFile, has records of the form


For each unique component managed authentication alias defined on a connection factory or datasource and used by the remote client, define the alias and corresponding user and password to match the definition of the alias in the WAS.

To create the remote client text file:

  1. Run %WAS_HOME%\bin\EncAuthDataFile.bat to encode the password as follows: EncAuthDataFile c:\client0.txt c:\client1.txt Be sure to fully qualify the filenames. The file client1.txt for the above alias, user, and password should now look like this


  2. You must have the client specify the location of the text file in the system property WAS_AuthDataFile. This is done on the launchClient invocation by passing the following...

    %WAS_HOME\bin\launchClient.bat myApp.ear -CCDWAS_AuthDataFile=c:\client1.txt