URL provider settings for application clients


A URL provider implements the function for a particular URL protocol, such as HTTP. This provider, comprised of classes, extends the java.net.URLStreamHandler and java.net.URLConnection classes.

To use the ACRCT to create a new URL provider, go to...

File | Open EAR file | Open | JAR file | URL Providers | New

The following fields appear on the General tab.

Name Administrative name for the URL

Description Optional description of the URL, for your administrative records

Class Path A list of paths or JAR file names which together form the location for the resource provider classes.

Protocol Protocol supported by this stream handler. For example, nntp, smtp, ftp, and so on.

To use the default protocol, leave this field blank.

Stream handler class Fully qualified name of a User-defined Java class that extends the java.net.URLStreamHandler for a particular URL protocol, such as FTP.

To use the default stream handler, leave this field blank.

Custom Properties Specifies name-value pairs for setting additional properties on the object that is created at run time for this resource.

You must enter a name that is a public property on the object and a value that can be converted from a string to the type required by the set method of the property. The acceptable properties and values depend on the object that is created. Refer to the object documentation for a list of valid properties and values.


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