Trusted ID evaluator collection


The trusted ID evaluator determines whether to trust the identity-asserting authority. Once the ID is trusted, the WAS issues the proper credentials, which are used in a downstream call for invoking resources. The trusted ID evaluator implements the interface.

To configure trusted identity (ID) evaluators go to....

Console | Servers | Application Servers | server | Web Services: Default bindings for Web Services Security | Trusted ID Evaluators

...and set...

  1. Specify a trusted ID evaluator name and trusted ID evaluator class name.

  2. Save your changes by clicking Save at the top of the administrative console. When you click Save, you return to the administrative console home panel.

  3. Return to the Trusted ID Evaluator collection panel to update the Web services security run time with the default binding information, which is found in the ws_security.xml file.

  4. Click Update runtime. The configuration changes made to the other Web services also are updated in the Web services security run time.

Trusted ID Evaluator Name Specifies the unique name of the trusted ID evaluator.

Trusted ID Evaluator Classname Specifies the class name of the trusted ID evaluator.


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