Troubleshoot compiled bindings for Web services based on Web Services for J2EE

This topic discusses troubleshooting compiled bindings of Web services that are developed and implemented based on the Web Services for J2EE specification.


Context root not recognized when mapping the default XML namespace to a Java package

When you map the default XML namespace to a Java package the context root is not recognized. If two namespaces are the same up to the first slash, they are mapped to the same Java package. For example, the XML namespaces and both map to the Java package Use the -NStoPkg option of the Java2WSDL command to specify the package for the fully qualified namespace.


Java code to WSDL mapping cannot be reversed back to the original Java code

If you find that a WSDL file you created with the Java2WSDL command-line tool cannot be compiled when regenerated into Java code using the WSDL2Java command-line tool it is because the Java API for XML-based remote procedure call (JAX-RPC) mapping from Java code to WSDL is not reversible back to the original Java code.

To troubleshoot this problem review the WSDL file that was generated by the Java2WSDL tool using the information in Mapping between Java, WSDL and XML and the JAX-RPC specification available through Web services... Resources for learning. Use this information to determine which elements in the WSDL file are causing the problem. Modify the WSDL file, or the original Java interface used to generate the WSDL file, and run the Java2WSDL command again.


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