Trace and logging for WSIF

If you want to enable trace for the Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) API within WAS, and have trace, stdout and stderr for the appserver written to a well-known location, see Enabling trace.

WSIF offers trace points at the opening and closing of ports, the invocation of services, and the responses from services.

To trace the WSIF API, you need to specify the following trace string


WSIF also includes a SimpleLog utility through which you can run trace when using WSIF outside of WebSphere Application Server. To enable this utility, complete the following steps...

  1. Create a file named with the following contents


  2. Create a file named with the following contents


  3. Put both these files, and the commons-logging.jar file, on the class path.

The SimpleLog uitility writes trace to the System.err file.


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