Set up for integrated JRas operation

In the integrated mode of operation, message and trace events are sent to WAS logs. This is the default mode of operation.

  1. Import the requisite JRas extensions classes


  2. Declare logger references

    private RASMessageLogger msgLogger = null; 
    private RASTraceLogger trcLogger = null; 

  3. Obtain a reference to the Manager and create the loggers. Since loggers are named singletons, you can do this in a variety of places. One logical candidate for enterprise beans is the ejbCreate() method. For example, for the enterprise bean named "myTestBean", place the following code in the ejbCreate() method mgr =; 
    msgLogger = mgr.createRASMessageLogger("Acme", "WidgetCounter", "RasTest", 
    // Configure the message logger to use the message file created 
    // for this application. 
    trcLogger = mgr.createRASTraceLogger("Acme", "Widgets", "RasTest", 
    mgr.addLoggerToGroup(trcLogger, groupName); 


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