Set optional localization values

In addition to setting localization values that are required by LocalizableTextFormatter, you can set a number of optional values in application code, either through the constructor or by calling any of several methods for that purpose. With optional values, you can do the following...

  1. Compose complex strings from variable substrings.

  2. Customize the formatting of strings, taking into account variables other than time zone and locale.

  3. In application code, add the optional values into an array of type Object.

    Object[] arg = {new String(getAccountNumber())};

  4. Pass the array into a LocalizableTextFormatter instance. You can pass the array through the appropriate constructor or by calling the setArguments(Object[]) method.

    Note that because the array is passed by value rather than by reference, any updates to the array variable after this point are not reflected in the LocalizableTextFormatter instance unless it is reset by calling the setArguments(Object[]) method.

  5. Write code to generate the localized text.


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